Synthesis and Characterization Room

Zeta-Potential & Particle Size Analyzer (ELSZ-2000, Otsuka Electronics)  

Fluorescence Spectrometer (RF-6000, SHIMADZU) 

UV-VIS spectrometer (V-650, JASCO)

HPLC (Waters)

Refrigerated Centrifuge (KUBOTA 3700 (left) and 6200 (right))

Hume Hood and Shrink Line (× 2)

Milli-Q (Direct-Q UV, Millipore)

Additional Facilities:

Evaporator, Freeze Dryer, Ultrasonication Cleaner, pH Meter, FT-IR, etc.  

Cell Experimental Room

Class-II Safety Cabinets (Thermo (left) and ESCO (right))    

Phase Contrast Microscopy (EVOS, Thermo)

Time-Lapse Fluorescence Microscopy (IX83, Olympus)

(with stage top incubator (TOKAI HIT)) 


Micro Plate Reader (Multiskan FC, Thermo)

CO2 Incubator (Panasonic)

Centrifuge (KUBOTA)

Micro Plate Centrifuge (KUBOTA)

Deep Freezer (-80ºC, PHC)

Additional Facilities:

Near-Infrared Laser, Autoclave, etc.